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This is a game I made for the Ludum Dare 35, April 15-17 2016. It was created in 48 hours, by myself only. I hope you will enjoy.

How to play:

Put the pegs into matching holes on the boxes. You can get bonus points by putting a peg into a same colored block, two adjacent pegs of the same color, or two adjacent pegs of the same shape. To help you find the best matches, you have a hand of cards to play. Top symbol of each card represents what kind of peg you can play it on. Bottom symbol shows what that peg will then change to.

If you clear all the pegs before time is up, you can click the button that appears below the timer to collect the remaining seconds as points to your score.

Discarding cards:

You can discard a card by activating it (click on it) and then clicking the discard area. It costs you 5 points, but you get a new card after a 1 second delay that may help you out. You can also immediately redraw your entire hand of cards at a cost of 25 points.


I'm actually quite pleased with this little game, and I will most likely do some fixes and add a couple of nice features and touches to it in the future.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix: You should now be able to play correct color card on shapeshifted peg.
  • Fix: You can no longer redraw if you have insufficient points.
  • Fix: Redraw button was rendering on top of Game Over screen.
  • Fix: Cards should properly change if you click a new card with another selected.

Let me know in the comments what you thought of the game.


SquarePeg_PC.zip 18 MB
SquarePeg_Mac.zip 20 MB

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